Melbourne has a well-deserved reputation as Australia’s arts capital – and with events like Melbourne Music Week, is it any wonder?

Now in its 10th year, Melbourne Music Week (MMW for short) is a celebration of all things music, with shows, performances and exhibits that run the gamut of musical genres.

Indie rock, techno, soul, hip-hop, classical, experimental soundscapes… the list is exhaustive.

Whatever you’re into, there’s something for you here!

With 70 different events and 300 acts taking to the stage in this celebration of Melbourne’s music scene, our city is the place to be for music lovers this November.

Whether you’re a music lover who likes to keep an ear out for up-and-coming talent, or simply looking for an excuse to hit the city, this 10-day event is just what you’re looking for!

Best of all, most of the gigs and events in Melbourne Music Week are free of charge. Be sure to check out the full program to see if anything piques your interest.

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Melbourne Music Week 2019

65 venues. 70 different events. 300 unique acts. All happening over 10 jam-packed days, between Thursday 14th and Saturday 23rd of November, 2019.

Melbourne Music Week will showcase a range of unique events:

To help you get around, we’ve put together this list of must-know information. That way, you won’t have to miss a thing!

Opening night

Kicking off MMW 2019 will be a huge party!

To get the ball rolling, 12 of the event’s participating venues will throw open their doors for a whole night of fantastic, 100% free music.

That’s 100 free gigs throughout the night! Grab some friends and go on the musical equivalent of a pub crawl, bouncing between venues and discovering some of Melbourne’s best artists and acts. 

Don’t know where to start?

We recommend getting the party music started with Swell 5.0 / Frequency. This is an immersive, experimental musical adventure that pushes the musical boundaries.

Once that’s over, follow up with Hextape, Elle Shimada, and Lady Lash who bring a range of electronic and experimental sounds to the stage.


MMW 2019 is a city-wide celebration, with shows being held all over the CBD, from landmarks like Fed Square, Queen Victoria Market and St Paul’s Cathedral, down to small hole-in-the-wall venues.

Today however, we’ll be focusing on one of the main ones.


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The central hub for this year’s festival is a giant maze called Kubik that lights up and changes colour in response to the music.

Located in the middle of Alexandra Gardens right on the Yarra, the Kubik structure was designed and created by German designer Balestra Berlin.

Best of all, it’s less than 10 minutes away by foot from Le Garage’s car park in Melbourne.

Many artists will perform live at the Kubik hub venue, with some highlights including:

Learn more about the venues here.

More than just performances

While the performances might be the main attraction, those aren’t the only things going on during MMW 2019.

In addition to providing an opportunity to discover new artists, MMW 2019 is also an avenue for music lovers to broaden their horizons in other ways too.

Why not attend one of the many talks, workshops and panels going on?

Here’s a selection of panels that caught our eye…

Computer Creators: Music, Art and AI

Iis computer-generated music truly art? A panel of academics, philosophers and musicians discuss. Find out more.

Hypotheticals: Cancel Culture – In Or Out?

No matter your stance on the controversial issue, this panel will surely raise tough questions and interesting ideas. Learn more.

Can You Feel It? Music And Mood

Learn about the fascinating and complex psychology that connects music and our emotions. Read more.

Closing night

The opening night party isn’t the only celebration MMW 2019 is throwing – in addition to an opening party, they’ll also be throwing a massive closing night party too!

Finish the festival with a bang at Hamer Hall, with performances from names like Roza Terenzi, Klasse Wrecks, Luca Lozano and Mr Ho.

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