We Melburnians like to fashion ourselves as Australia’s culture capital – in particular, we’re proud of our theatre and musicals, with multiple theatres running high-profile productions that rival New York’s Broadway or London’s West End.

And with winter well upon us, there’s never been a better time to take a trip to the theatre!

Most of us are looking for ways to pass the time that are comfortable, dry and most importantly, warm.

So, how about a trip to the theatre to see the incredibly limited production of Sweeney Todd?

For a short time only, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street temporarily relocates to Melbourne, becoming the Demon Barber of Exhibition Street – for four special days only!

Specifically, this vengeance-filled Victorian serial killer story will be playing at Melbourne’s very own Her Majesty’s Theatre this month.

Where can you find Her Majesty’s Theatre parking?

If you ask us, there’s no better venue for this Victorian serial killer story than Her Majesty’s Theatre!

Her Majesty’s is the perfect stage for this story to unfold. Constructed in 1886, this stunning construction has the atmosphere and aesthetics down pat.

Atmosphere aside, you’ll still need a safe and secure place to park your car before you indulge in an afternoon or evening at the theatre.

Searching for Her Majesty’s Theatre parking? Your search stops at Le Garage!

Located less than 10 minutes’ walk from the theatre, Le Garage offers an affordable option for Her Majesty’s parking.

Book your parking in advance, and the rates drop even lower, letting you take advantage of our great specials!

  • Weeknights:* Regular rate $12; pre-book online and pay just $8!
  • Friday night* + weekends:** Regular rate $15; pre-book online and pay just $10

* Night rates (Monday-Friday): enter after 4pm and exit before 5:30am the following day

** Weekend rates: flat rate per day; exit before 5:30am the following day

Make a day or night out of it by taking a stroll through Melbourne’s famous alleys, enjoying a pre-show meal, or grabbing a coffee or hot chocolate to warm up after the show.

The tale of Sweeney Todd

There’s no denying that Stephen Sondheim is one of theatre’s biggest names, with titles such as Into the Woods and West Side Story under his belt.

And of course, we can’t talk Sondheim without mentioning his highest-profile work, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

This limited season stars many of Australia’s biggest names in musical theatre, with two leads who boast impressive resumes:

  • Anthony Warlow (Sweeney) – Australia’s original Phantom of the Opera
  • Gina Riley (Mrs Lovett) – creator, writer and star of Kath & Kim

Note how we said “limited” season – unlike other productions which can last for months, Sweeney’s only in Melbourne for a mere four days!

Miss it this June, and there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to catch it again, so you’ll want to book your tickets quickly!


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What’s it all about?

Inspired by old urban legends, Sweeney Todd tells the story of – who else? – Sweeney Todd, a barber in Victorian-era London on a quest for revenge against those who have wronged him.

In particular, he swears vengeance against the corrupt Judge Turpin, who sentenced him to prison and stole his daughter Johanna.

Todd’s mission sees him team up with the slightly-unhinged Mrs Lovett, with Todd killing his customers and Mrs Lovett hiding the bodies by baking them into her pies, which she then sells to unsuspecting Londoners.

Together, they make a killing in both senses of the word!

Don’t worry, it isn’t all bloody murder – while Todd and Mrs Lovett are busy killing their way through the city’s undesirables (and a good number of innocents too), Johanna gets involved in a Romeo and Juliet style love story and starts plotting her own escape.

2017 movie

Most of us remember the 2007 Tim Burton movie starring Johnny Depp.

But how many of us have had the opportunity to see it live and in-person?

For only the second time in the musical’s 40-year history, Sweeney Todd is leaving his Fleet Street barbershop and temporarily setting up shop in Melbourne.

If you ask us theatre novices, this is one production you won’t want to miss.

Simply put, watching it live is a completely different experience to watching a film – and not just because of the added atmosphere and ambience, either!

Sweeney Todd is supposed to be a dark comedy – something that the film seems to actively shy away from (not a surprise, given who directed it).

The songs and performances are quirky, off-the-wall and weird – with the exception of our brooding anti-hero, of course.

Just compare the film version of A Little Priest with the stage version – even if you prefer the more sombre and creepy spin the movie puts on the story, there’s no denying that there’s a world of difference between the two.

CBD Parking

Choose Le Garage for Her Majesty’s parking

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