Melbourne has a well-deserved reputation for being the food capital of Australia.

In fact, according to the City of Melbourne’s land use census, there are over than 30,000 cafes and restaurants littered throughout Melbourne and its sprawling suburbs – or about one restaurant or cafe for every 128 people!

The Melbourne dining scene is an eclectic blend of cuisines from all around the world and the city’s fun and daring vibe. Given Melbourne’s unbelievable cultural diversity, it’s no surprise that this is reflected in the city’s buzzing food scene!

Yes, Melbourne foodies are certainly spoilt for choice when it comes to dining out! But finding a parking spot, on the other hand…

We know you might think parking in the CBD is a pain. Fortunately, Le Garage has partnered with some of Melbourne’s most exciting restaurants to offer secure, convenient and affordable parking. We offer discounted parking rates when you reserve your table at any of the following restaurants in Melbourne, so your night out doesn’t have to be marred by a stressful parking experience!  


Lucy Liu

If you ever stop by Oliver Lane, you can’t miss Lucy Liu’s iconic red neon sign.  

If you’re looking for a fun and eclectic Asian drinking and dining experience, Lucy Liu is the perfect place for you.

Start your meal with a bang – we recommend opening with their mouth-watering freshly shucked oysters, with red nam jim or ponzu dipping sauce for a bit of extra tanginess, and ending your night with the intensely sweet Ginger Crème Brûlée with palm sugar, caramel and sesame tuile.

To book a table, make an online reservation now. And don’t worry about finding a parking space… you can book that online as well!

Located only seconds away from Le Garage, Lucy Liu customers can use the promo code “LUCY” to receive a flat $8 rate when they park at Le Garage on weekends and after 6pm. So make sure you book now to land yourself secure and affordable parking nearby.


Garden State Hotel

If you’re undecided on dinner, you simply can’t go past the trifecta of pub, bar and restaurant that the Garden State Hotel offers!

The great thing about the Garden State Hotel is that it has something for everyone – from pub food to formal dining. With multiple floors fusing both indoor and outdoor areas, there’s space for anybody and their taste.

Make your reservations at the Garden State Hotel now – and make sure you a parking spot with Le Garage parking as well! Our Flinders Street parking garage is located barely 300 metres away from the Garden State Hotel, so you don’t need to worry about parking. Secure, affordable parking is literally right around the corner!

Even better: Garden State Hotel is one of our partner restaurants. That means visitors to this fantastic venue also receive a flat $8 rate on their parking the entire night when they use the promo code “GARDEN”.


Lee Ho Fook

If you’re on the lookout for a modern spin on the traditional Chinese dining experience, Lee Ho Fook is in our opinion the place to be!

Lee Ho Fook has an extensive menu that spans the entirety of the world’s most populous country.  If you’re looking at pairing their new style Chinese menu with your choice of beer or cocktail for lunch, check out their Bar Lunch Menu.

If dining with a group, check out Lee Ho Fook’s Sharing Menus for options that’ll feed your entire party! Lee Ho Fook has also prepared a fantastic seasonal menu for Spring 2017 which you can find here.

Book Lee Ho Fook online and make sure you use your Le Garage promo code “FOOK” to land yourself a discounted evening (after 6pm) and weekend rate!  


Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen

If your only exposure to ramen is through those horrible instant noodle packs, you’d be forgiven for being hesitant to take the dive on ramen.

For delicious ramen made the way it’s supposed to be, we can’t recommend Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen enough! If you’re in the mood for the authentic Ramen experience, drop by Russell Street.

Choose from a selection of flavours of their signature CHIKUHO noodles, Chashu roast pork, hot Tonkotsu soup and Gyoza (Dumplings).

Ikkoryu Fukuoka Ramen aims to spread the rich and delightful Japanese ramen culture. And with some Melburnians calling it the city’s best ramen, we’re confident that even the most ardent ramen-skeptics will be surprised.  

Take advantage of Le Garage’s discount code for their Russell Street location: enter the promo code “IKKORYU” for a flat $8 nightly and weekend rate.



Wam! Bam!
Mon chat, splatch
Gît sur mon lit
A bouffé sa langue
En buvant dans mon whisky

We’re not going to lie, we have no idea what that means… or if it even has anything to do with food!

What we do know however, is that Philippe is the place to be for enthusiasts of French cuisine. Located in the Paris End of Collins Street.  And its Head Chef Philippe Mouche, the restaurant’s namesake and Melbourne’s finest cook of French food promises to deliver skillfully prepared classic French dishes to its patrons.

Philippe offers Prix fixe menu for lunch or dejeuner.  It also has an expansive a la carte menu.

And you didn’t think we’d neglect mention the parking situation, did you? Patrons of Phillipe’s can find affordable parking at Le Garage barely five minutes away! Use the promo code “PHILIPPE” when booking online for a discount on your parking reservation.

Fine French food and affordable, safe parking mere minutes away? Ooo la la!



Here’s a fun fact that we’re sure many of us didn’t know before:  Pastuso is Paddington Bear’s Peruvian name.  

So it’s really no surprise that a Peruvian restaurant in AC/DC Lane would name itself after this very high-profile Peruvian!

Explore Peru’s exciting cuisine with Pastuso’s selection of street food and grilled meats. Or go on a culinary adventure around Peru, with set menus that cover the entire span of the country.

If you’re looking for a place that serves delectable and delightful dishes from a land far away and reps Melbourne’s laneway vibe, drop by Pastuso.  

Book your table at Pastuso now! And while you’re here, book parking to go with it. After all, you don’t want your night out to be ruined by the stress of finding CBD parking that won’t break the bank, do you? Save on parking with the promo code “PERU” when booking parking at Le Garage.



If you’re looking for one of the finest dining options in Melbourne, look no further!  

Chef Teage Ezard has made a mark in the city’s dining scene.  With his sophisticated take on Asian-influenced cuisine and the understated elegance of his establishment, Ezard combines the best Asian flavours, textures and techniques with one of Melbourne’s sleekest and most elegant dining establishments.

Le Garage has recently partnered with Ezard to provide safe parking spaces for those who are on their way to a experience the culinary delights at Ezard. Book online with Le Garage now to secure yourself a spot.

And make sure you use your Le Garage code – what else could it be – “EZARD” for a discount on your parking while you’re here!

Ezard is a hot ticket in town – almost as hot as an unoccupied CBD parking spot – so make sure you reserve a table and a spot via their online booking system.  


Say goodbye to your CBD parking woes

Booking your parking today at Le Garage

With so many exciting food joints in the city, the choices are endless and limitless.  

At Le Garage, we are happy to offer safe and secure parking spaces for your car while you discover and to indulge in the different culinary delights that Melbourne’s CBD offers.

Le Garage is a parking facility located in the east end of the CBD and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our partnership with some of the best restaurants in the area ensures that you’ll have a great experience from the moment you park your car until the end of your meal.

You can learn more about our partner restaurants here. Bon appétit!