Australia is a sports-mad nation – whether it’s swimming, football or cricket, sport is part of our DNA.

Melbourne in particular has a well-earned reputation as the sports capital of Australia. With so many high-profile sporting events going on in Melbourne year-round such as the upcoming Australian Open, the AFL Grand Final and the Australian F1 Grand Prix, sports fanatics are certainly spoilt for choice – it’s not hard to see where the nickname comes from!

And when you think of sports that are quintessentially Australian, cricket is without a doubt one of the first that comes to mind. This year, Melbourne plays host to two of the biggest events on the Australian cricketing calendar: the annual Boxing Day Test and the 2017 Ashes series.

Cricket fans are in for an exciting December!

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The Ashes

Ask any fanatic what the highlight of the cricket calendar is. Chances are the Ashes will be their first response.

The rivalry between Aussies and Brits is legendary. Ever since 1882, when the upstart Australian team beat the English team on their own territory, the two nations have been in cricketing war.

The name comes from that time, incidentally! Fun fact: upon hearing of the loss, newspapers in England declared that English cricket was dead and cremated – hence, the name “the Ashes”. Pretty cool, huh?

And every year since, both teams have played for national pride and more importantly, bragging rights!

This year, the Ashes series is being held down under. From the 26th to 29th December, the biggest event on the Australian cricketing calendar will be at the MCG for the fourth test in the series before heading back up to Sydney for the final test.


The Boxing Day test

On the morning of the 26th, most of us are probably going to be sleeping in after a tiring day of Christmas festivities and celebrations.

The only exceptions are those eager to snag a bargain at the Boxing Day sales… and cricket fans!

While not as high-stakes as the Ashes or the Cricket World Cup, the annual Boxing Day test is still an important day for followers of cricket. Every year, Australia’s best cricketers face-off against some of the best international cricketers – India, New Zealand, Sri Lanka – and of course, the eternal rival, England.

You may be surprised to learn how recent and new this tradition is, however. Starting an international test series on Boxing Day only dates back to the 1980s, as a matter of fact – before then, it was a Sheffield Shield match between Victoria and NSW.

But despite being a (somewhat) young tradition, the Boxing Day test has ingrained itself in the Australian cricket scene as a major event. This year, the Boxing Day test runs from the 26th to 29th December.

If you’re a sports-loving Aussie, you owe it to yourself to stop by for this exciting test – and if you actively follow cricket, you probably have already!


By your powers combined…

You’ve probably noticed an important detail: both of these massive cricketing events fall on the same days.

That’s right. This year, the annual Boxing Day test will be the Melbourne leg of the 2017-18 Ashes series!

Cricket fans are in for a rare two-for-one deal this year, as two of the biggest events in Australian cricket merge to provide three days of exciting cricketing action.


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