As Victorians, we tend to be more invested in the AFL season than any other state – it is the locally-grown footy code after all!

For six months straight, we find ourselves cheering, scolding and sitting on the edge of our seats in anticipation of that final siren (and hopefully a trip to the finals for our team!)

And the next few games are sure to be no exception to that rule, providing us with ample opportunity to do it all over again!

With Round 14 bearing down upon us, the battlelines have been drawn. We now know exactly where everybody sits on the ladder, who needs to be beaten and who the underdogs are.

At the same time, there’s still a chance there will be an upset.

Yes, this is without a doubt an exciting time to be a footy fan!

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MCG parking for Round 14 of the 2019 AFL Home & Away season

Melbourne vs. Fremantle

Where: MCG

When: Saturday, 22nd June

Time: First bounce at 1:45pm

The last time these two teams met was in June last year – during that last meet-up, Melbourne were merciless, leaving the Fremantle in the dust with a whopping 102-48 win.

Needless to say, the Dockers will be keen to return the favour and redeem themselves this year!

And they might just get the chance to – compared to last year, their 2019 season has been far more promising than Melbourne’s, with Fremantle sitting 9th on the ladder.

Compare that to the Dees, who are sitting just a few from the bottom, at 16th, at the time of writing.

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parking at mcg

MCG parking for Round 15 of the 2019 AFL Home & Away season

Hawthorn vs. West Coast Eagles

Where: MCG

When: Saturday, 29th June

Time: First bounce at 1:45pm

This will be the first match of the year in which West Coast and Hawthorn face off against each other.

Last year’s premiers, West Coast, have had an excellent season thus far (which is to be expected), currently sit just behind their 2018 premiership rivals, Collingwood, who are 2nd on the ladder.

Hawthorn lags behind at 11th place. While Hawthorn has had a respectable football year, the odds are definitely in favour of West Coast for this match!

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MCG parking for Round 16 of the 2019 AFL Home & Away season

It’s a jam-packed round with MCG matches being held on Friday night, as well as Saturday and Sunday afternoon!

Hawthorn vs. Collingwood

Where: MCG

When: Friday, 5th July

Time: First bounce at 7:50pm

Can you believe that the last time these two teams met was all the way back in round 1 of the 2018 season?

The Hawks handily snatched the win, scoring 101 to Collingwood’s 67 – both sides then went on to finish neck and neck on the ladder, with the Pies barely edging the Hawks out in points.
Since then, Collingwood has had a great season, with last year’s runners-up currently sitting 2nd on the ladder – a stark contrast to Hawthorn’s nonetheless respectable 11th!

The Hawks will be eager to reface the team sitting so high on the ladder, and maybe even pull off an upset.

And there’s a solid chance they could do it!

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Essendon vs. Sydney

Where: MCG

When: Saturday, 6th July

Time: First bounce at 1:45pm

With both of these teams in the bottom half of the ladder, pressure is high on the Bombers and Swans alike to pull of a win!

Last meeting in Round 19 of the 2018 season, Essendon flew high, defeating Sydney by a solid 43 point.

Will the non-Victorian team pull it off this time? Will Essendon bomb out? There’s one way to find out!

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Carlton vs. Melbourne

Where: MCG

When: Sunday, 7th July

Time: First bounce at 1:45pm

They say it’s not over until the fat lady sings – and for both of these teams, they’ll be hoping that this holds true!

At the time of writing (Round 13), both of these teams are sitting nice and comfortably towards the bottom of the ladder – in the case of Carlton, they are the bottom-ranked team.

Yes, the Blues are certainly blue, while the Dees are fighting some demons of their own.

Needless to say, both teams need a win to lift them out of their doldrums!

Despite the low position of both teams, the stakes are high – fans of either side won’t want to miss a potential redemption arc in action!

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