Are you the type of person who just loves the ballet?

Do you find the athleticism, grace, skill, and beauty of ballet dancers absolutely incredible?

Are you also a big fan of the classic novel, Alice in Wonderland (or its many film adaptations?)

If the answer is yes, you are in luck!

For two weeks only, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is being brought back to the stage by the Australian ballet.

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Back in Wonderland: Alice returns to Melbourne

The first time that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was performed by the Australian ballet was in 2011.

Perhaps you remember the performance fondly from eight years ago and are keen to see it again.

Or maybe you were super excited to see the performance back in 2011 but your schedule was too busy and you missed out.

Either way, you’ll have a second opportunity to catch this world-class performance.

Running  between 8th and 22nd June, you’ll see Lewis Carroll’s story brought to life with extravagant sets, intricate costumes and elaborate routines.

Performing at the Melbourne Arts Centre, this is the perfect opportunity for ballet fanatics as well as newcomers to disappear down the rabbit hole that is ballet!

Don’t be late… for this very important date! Secure your Alice in Wonderland parking

When: Saturday 8th – Saturday 22nd June 2019

Where: Melbourne Arts Centre

Runtime: 2 hours 40 minutes (including 2 intervals)

The whimsical, wonderful and weird world of Alice in Wonderland has been a favourite of both children and adults alike since it was first published in 1865.

Since then, it’s been adapted, remade and even contributed to the creation of an entire fashion subculture.

And this June, it’ll be coming to Melbourne… in ballet form!

Christoper Wheeldon brings the much-loved novel by Lewis Carroll, bringing the Alice’s adventures from the page to the stage with a magical combination of music, elaborate ballet routines and a uniquely theatrical flair.

Combine that with the world-class artists and performers at the Australian ballet bring to the table and this is a show that can’t be missed.

The fantastic score by British composer, Joby Talbot, is performed by the talented Orchestra Victoria and conducted by Nicolette Fraillon.

The music alone is worth going to the Melbourne Arts Centre – your ears won’t regret it.

The Queen of Hearts steals the show! Introducing the cast

The show might be about Alice, but according to reviewers, it is the Queen of Hearts who really stands out.

While the cruel character might not steal the hearts of the audience, the incredible portrayal of Carroll’s infamous character will certainly impress them!

Reviewer Jordan Beth Vincent heralds all of the characters as a major strength of the performance.

From the White Rabbit that starts off all the chaos, to the giant caterpillar – each of your favourite Alice in Wonderland characters is brought to life by incredible physical performances by some truly stellar artists.

However, the bloodthirstiness of the Queen of Hearts, portrayed by Amy Harris, is what you’ll want to keep your eye on!

You can secure your tickets through The Australian Ballet website. Seats are going fast, so you’ll want to get in ASAP to score a seat where you can catch all the action.


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