Melbourne CBD Parking Rates

Whether you’re a regular commuter or only drive into the city a couple of times a year, Le Garage provides a variety of parking options akin to a wide range of needs.

Parking rates in Melbourne’s CDB can vary considerably between companies and locations, but Le Garage has worked hard to create some of the most competitive rates.

Online Booking Rates
0.0 – 0.5 hours 0.5 – 1.0 hours 1.0 – 2.0 hours 2.0 – 3.0 hours 3.0+ hours
Standard Rates $6 $26 $52 $76 $80
Discounted Rates N/A $21 $44 $65 $72
Early Bird Weekend Mon-Thurs Night Friday Night
Standard Rates $19 $15 $12 $15
Discounted Rates $18 $10 $8 $10
Online Booking Rates
0.0 – 0.5 hours $5 N/A
0.5 – 1.0 hours $26 $21
1.0 – 2.0 hours $50 $42
2.0 – 3.0 hours $74 $63
3.0+ hours $80 $72
Online Booking Rates
Early Bird $19 $18
Weekend $15 $10
$12 $8
$15 $10

Parking Fees include GST. Rate Lost Ticket – $88.
Early Bird – Enter between 5.30am – 7.00am Exit before Midnight. Enter between 7.00am – 10.00am *Validation on Lvl 9 Exit between 3.00pm – Midnight
Weekend – Flat Rate per day. Exit before 5.30am the next day.
Night Rates (Mon-Fri) – Enter after 4:00pm Exit before 5:30am the next day.

Flinders street parking

Flinders Lane Parking

Located just moments from Melbourne’s best bars, restaurants, venues, sporting grounds, and shopping, Flinders Lane parking is the perfect way to start your day or night in Melbourne. With a range of parking options and prices, Le Garage has a solution to fit every need.

View our various parking rates below, and remember, you save even more when you book online in advance!

Early Bird Parking Rates

Early Bird Parking

Whether it’s an early appointment or you’re simply a notorious early riser, you can take advantage of Le Garage’s early bird parking rates in Melbourne’s CBD. To enjoy $18 early bird rates, simply:

  • Enter Le Garage between 5:30am and 10am *Validation on Lvl 9
  • Exit Le Garage between 3pm and midnight on the same day

Want to save even more? Pre-book online and you’ll pay just $18 for early bird parking! Read more Early Bird information here.

Night Parking Rates

Night Rates / Overnight Parking

Enjoy all the city has to offer after-hours with affordable and secure CBD parking.

From Monday to Thursday nights, enjoy $12 flat rate (and $8 when you pre-book online).

On Friday nights, benefit from $15 flat rate parking, and pay only $10 when you pre-book online.

Enter after 4pm and exit before 5:30am to enjoy these low night rates.

Weekend Parking Rates

Weekend Parking

Planning a day out at the theatre or simply want to shop up a storm at the exclusive designer stores that line the Paris End of Melbourne’s Collins Street?

Take advantage of super weekend rates at Le Garage, with Saturday and Sunday parking slashed to a $15 flat rate. Save even more when you pre-book online and enjoy weekend parking rates of just $10! Read more about weekend parking here.

Long-term and Permanent Parking

Those who commute to the city might feel that parking itself is enough of a deterrent to avoid driving altogether and instead opt for public transport.

However, with the year-on-year rising of public transport fares, and the added burden of finding a car park at your own train station, the right long-term parking solution could prove to be a viable substitute!

At Le Garage, we offer the following long-term parking and storage options to regular commuters:

Long Term Parking Rates

Standard Long-term Parking

Perfect for those who regularly commute to the CBD. Choose from permanent reserved or permanent unreserved.

Oversized Bays

For exceptionally larger vehicles, choose an oversized parking bay and benefit from stress-free parking when you travel to the city.

Private Areas

For corporates, we offer private, sectioned off areas for the ultimate privacy, security, and safety.


If you’re in need of additional storage, choose the no-fuss storage solution from Le Garage. Offering spaces from 2m2 to 30m2, our storage facilities are secure and clean. Better yet, they take away the stress of self-storage. For affordable and flexible storage solutions in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, contact Le Garage today.

Parking Specials

We’re continuously talking to surrounding restaurants to create special rates designed to save you money on your CBD parking!
View our partners here.