When we talk musicals, there are a couple that absolutely need to be seen:

And of course, who could forget the smash-hit Rocky Horror Show?

Gracing Her Majesty’s Theatre from 13th June to 29th July 2018, Rocky Horror returns to Melbourne in a show that promises hilarity, spectacle, and naturally, breathtaking performances.

Keep reading to learn about the show as well as important information on Her Majesty’s Theatre parking with Le Garage.


Let’s do the time warp again! A recap of the Rocky Horror Show mania

Even 4 decades after its initial release in 1973, Richard O’Brien’s classic remains a must-see, with productions in just about every country and language you can think of!

Case-in-point: did you know that this year’s production will be the 13th time the show has come down under?

Whether you are an avid fan or a newcomer to this all-time classic, there’s no excuse to not go. It’s a great show, whether you’re watching it for the first, second time or 10th time around!

For the people who have no idea what the show’s about however, imagine a 50s-style science fiction B-movie, mixed with 50s rock-and-roll and a kitschy tongue-in-cheek sense of humour.

The result? The Rocky Horror Show.

Since 1973, this musical has proven to be one of the world’s favourites. At any given time, there’ll be a production going on somewhere in the world.

It even birthed a 1975 movie that kick-started Tim Curry’s film career – yep, the musical came before the film!


The Rocky-who show?

Just like many 50s horror movies, The Rocky Horror Show starts with a couple taking shelter in the castle of a mysterious stranger after their car breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

Follow the misadventures of couple Brad Majors (Rob Mallett) and Janet Weiss (Michelle Smitheram) as they cross paths with Frank N. Furter (Todd McKenney), the transgender scientist set on creating an artificial Frankenstein-like muscle man named – you guessed it – Rocky Horror.

Focusing less on the horror part of the title and more on Brad and Janet’s relationship, Rocky Horror’s eclectic mix of characters explores some naughty and eclectic themes. Its website even warns that “this show has rude parts!” – best to leave the young ones at home!

Don’t miss to catch Rocky Horror Show this winter – for ticket reservations and enquiries, click here.

Want a taste of what you’ll be in for? Check out the soundtrack, and perfect your moves to the Time Warp!


Planning a night out at the theatre?

Might we suggest dinner and a drink before the show?

The CBD is filled with a mix of cosy hidden restaurants to grungy bars and fancy dining experiences – if you’re planning a night out at Her Majesty’s Theatre to catch The Rocky Horror show this season, why not enjoy one of Melbourne’s best restaurants dotted along Flinders Lane?

A favoured dining location, Flinders Lane is known as one of Melbourne’s best culinary spots. The pedestrian-only street is filled with historic buildings – it’s like taking a step back in time! Here are some popular restaurants close by to Le Garage.

From here, it’s just an 8-minute walk north until you hit the corner of Little Bourke and Exhibition Streets, where you will find Her Majesty’s Theatre.


Pre-book Her Majesty’s Theatre parking with Le Garage!

Your car might not have broken down on the side of the road like Brad and Janet’s. But there’s still a problem: finding CBD parking.

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