Who doesn’t love a night out at the movies?

Even in the age of Netflix, people still turn out in droves to watch their favourite films on the big screen.

And it’s not hard to see why – few of us can boast screens 20 metres wide or speakers that can shudder a building!

If you’re thinking of bringing more cinema into your film diet, there are plenty of options on offer in Melbourne’s theatres. Doubly so, now that this year’s Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) is currently underway.

Running until the 19th of August, this iconic festival will showcase a whopping 374 films from over 80 countries. Out of these, 168 of them will be Australian premieres.

So, what can you expect from this year’s event? And where should you go for safe and convenient CBD parking? Read on to find out!

How MIFF got its start

With almost 66 years passing since its founding in 1952, MIFF is the oldest film festival in Australia.

The goal? To build a community of filmmakers (and of course, film lovers) and to showcase up-and-coming movies.

The festival continues to act as a gateway into the wider world of film.

In particular, it’s all about exposing Melburnians to movies they wouldn’t see at your typical local cinema chain. This includes sessions for films from all over the world, as well as showings of locally-grown flicks.

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Location, location: where the MIFF is being held

MIFF isn’t a one-venue event – with over 350 films, it can’t be!

Dedicated cinema-goers will find themselves bouncing between venues all over Melbourne if they want to catch everything that’s showing this year, including:

  • ACMI
  • Kino Cinemas
  • The Forum
  • The Regent Theatre
  • Hoyts Cinemas
  • Village Cinemas

Some events might even see you going even further out to Docklands, St Kilda, Windsor, and even the Melbourne Planetarium at ScienceWorks.

MIFF highlights

This year’s programme features a diverse mix of films from all over the world, many of which you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere.

MIFF is a great opportunity to explore parts of cinema you’d normally never have the chance to see otherwise.

Additionally, it’s also a great opportunity to learn more about film itself. Many of the filmmakers coming down to Melbourne aren’t just here to showcase their work – they’re also hear to provide informative events covering:

  • Filmmaking
  • Musical scoring
  • Scriptwriting
  • Film critiquing
  • Cinematography

If your interest in films runs deeper than just watching them, check out their special events schedule.

Convenient CBD parking, courtesy of Le Garage!

Like we mentioned above, MIFF isn’t a one-venue event. Instead, it’ll be held in theatres all over Melbourne, from big multiplexes to small, intimate locales.

In order to make the most of your night at the movies, we recommend:

Researching when your favourite films are going to be shown

  1. Looking into which venues you’ll visit
  2. Planning dinner (either before or after)
  3. And of course, figuring out where to park!

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