Are you visiting Melbourne’s CBD in the next few days? 

Got an empty slot in your itinerary that needs filling?

Don’t sweat it – there are plenty of sights and sounds that you can use to pad out your time in Melbourne.

Whether you’re going to stick around after an appointment, arrived early for a dinner reservation, or you’re simply looking for something to pass some time while you’re in the city, there are plenty of things to do, visit, and see – all of which are mere minutes from our Flinders Street parking garage.

Today, we’ll be sharing 5 of our favourites!

Got your Flinders Street parking? Now it’s time to explore!

Located in the “Paris-end” of Melbourne’s CBD, Le Garage is perfectly located near some of Melbourne’s best attractions.

Our Flinders Street parking garage offers an affordable, safe, and clean CBD parking experience that’s a short walk away from many of the city’s attractions… many of which you can check out if you’re in the CBD and you have a spare moment to yourself.

Here are just a couple of our favourite ones… and you can enjoy each of these when you book your parking at our Flinders Street parking garage!

1) Free Fed Square events

There’s no denying that Fed Square has become a staple of Melbourne life, playing host to all sorts of events, concerts, expos, and festivals.

Located just a short 2-minute walk from Le Garage, there’s always something going on at Fed Square.

Depending on the calendar, you might be in for some world-class entertainment, cultural shows, and even some food festivals.

This July for example, Fed Square is hosting:

If you have time to sparel, these are some great options!

For a full schedule of events and activities at Fed Square, click here.

2) Explore our parks

Whether you’re in the city for a job interview, meeting an SO’s parents for the first time or just need half an hour alone to relax, there are a number of parks surprisingly close to the CBD! 

Is the weather forecast looking promising? Looking to unwind, or just soak in some of that glorious winter sun?

Birrarung Marr

Enjoy a stroll along the Yarra at this unique Melbourne landmark (also host to the famous Night Noodle Markets that descend every November!)

Parliament Gardens

Stroll around Parliament Gardens, including the magnificent Coles Fountain. As you wander, you can check the garden’s collection of bronze statues, including Pastor Sir Douglas and Lady Douglas, two of Australia’s traditional custodians and prominent Indigenous leaders.

Alexandra Gardens

Enjoy the view of the scenic Birrarung Marr along with the famous buildings and landmarks providing an epic backdrop.

Alexandra Gardens is more than the perfect place to unwind – it’s also a bona-fide historical sight itself, listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.

Treasury Gardens

Make your way off the busy streets of Melbourne and take a short walk to the Treasury Gardens on the south-eastern side of the CBD.

Spot memorials of Sir William John Clarke, Robert Burns and US President John F. Kennedy hidden amongst the large areas of lawn.

Flinders Street parking

3) Go for a stroll along the Yarra Riverbank

There’s a reason the Yarra river bank is a favourite hang-out place for cyclists, runners, and walkers alike!

Spend a couple of minutes walking along the Yarra River – it’s the perfect remedy if you’re feeling restless, or simply want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city when you’ve got a little time to spare.

Pop in your headphones, choose your favourite tracks and get walking.

4) Visit the NGV

Looking to head indoors? Visit the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)!

In addition to its high-profile exhibitions, the NGV also retains several permanent exhibitions and collections that are free to explore.

Just take the escalator up from the lobby to start exploring the huge world of art.

From classical-style renaissance era paintings, to modern and contemporary pieces, to historical pieces of artworks from other cultures, there’s something for everyone here.

The NGV has two divisions:

The Ian Potter Centre

THe Ian Potter Centre exhibits Australian and Indigenous art and is located within Fed Square, mere steps from our Flinders Street parking

NGV International

NGV International is located across the Yarra, about 8 minutes by foot from Le Garage. Here, you’ll find a gallery filled with a vast collection of international and Australia art and artefacts.

See upcoming exhibitions or explore the NGV’s permanent collection.

5) Simply sit down and watch the world pass you by

If you’re in the city with a little spare time, you might simply want to sit down and relax.

Besides, our day-to-day lives can be chaotic – so why not steal the opportunity to simply chill out for half an hour?

Thanks to our prime location, Le Garage is just a short walk away from many of Melbourne’s best cafes – perfect for people watching!

Need a place to start? Take a gander down one of the many laneways located close to our Flinders Street parking garage.

Le Garage’s rear exit leads you to Flinders Lane, which is chock full of fantastic cafes and restaurants. 

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