Heading to the city for a night out?

Whether it’s an intimate dinner with a special someone, finally visiting the restaurant that’s been on your list for months, or simply heading to the CBD to take an early peek at all the Christmas decorations (including the Myer windows), it seems there’s never a shortage of fun and exciting things to do in the city at night.

Along with dinner plans, you also need to consider parking. Are you heading to the city and plan to stay there well into the night? Or are you organising overnight accommodation?

Whatever your plans, Le Garage wants to be a part of them!


Does the place you’re staying have parking?

So you’ve got your night planned and a place booked in Melbourne – great!

But have you given any thought to your parking situation?

While some hotels offer complimentary parking for their guests, not all do.

And with space in the CBD as tight as it is, many CBD hotels don’t even have on-site parking (or at least, not without paying a small fortune!)

  • Grand Hyatt Hotel: on-site parking is a whopping $55 per car, per night
  • Adelphi Hotel: no on-site parking – but lucky you! Le Garage is a partner of Adelphi and has a very special offer for overnight parking. Click here to find out more
  • Hotel Windsor: valet parking service only; $45 per vehicle

Luckily, each of these fantastic hotels is also super close to Le Garage, allowing you to enjoy safe, secure, and simple overnight CBD parking – without paying a premium for it.

What if you aren’t staying at a hotel?

Airbnb properties don’t fare much better when it comes to parking. In our experience, while most Airbnb properties in the CBD include all the essentials to ensure a comfortable stay, few include on-site parking.

And what if you’re in the CBD for a special event? You might be left roaming around looking for…


Street-level parking

So you’re going to be in Melbourne well into the night, or for an overnight stay.

While New York may be the city that never sleeps, Melbourne isn’t that far behind. Owing to our vibrant nightlife, there’s always something going on. And that means many street parks are taken, even in the early morning.

That is, if you can find one – many of Melbourne’s streets weren’t exactly built with car traffic in mind either.

Not only does this slow traffic down to a crawl, but it also severely limits the amount of street parking that’s available.

In addition, you’ll spend more time trying to decipher all the parking signs and figuring out if you can indeed park there, than actually enjoying your night!


CBD parking garages

Looking for a parking garage in in Melbourne? You’re in luck: there are plenty around.

CBD parking

So what makes Le Garage different from other CBD parking facilities?

At Le Garage, we’re all about ensuring you get the best CBD parking experience possible. To that end, we make sure that…

1) That your car is safe and secure for the entire night

Without a doubt, one of the most common reasons for deciding against parking in the CBD overnight is safety.

While Melbourne’s CBD is quite safe, we totally understand that you don’t want to leave your car there overnight.

Luckily, our Flinders street parking garage is 100% safe.

Our garage is protected by comprehensive CCTV coverage. Not to mention, we also provide 24-hour security, giving peace of mind that you – and your car – are safe at all times.

2) Long-term CBD parking for your car

Let’s say you work the night shift in the CBD, and your workplace doesn’t have on-site parking. Public transport is intermittent during those hours, so using it to get around is unreliable.

Le Garage is proud to offer tailored long-term parking arrangements to suit your unique needs.

We’ll sort something out that offers you:

  • 24/7 access to our CBD parking garage
  • Preferential pricing options
  • Your choice of reserved parking

In short, you can come in and park whenever you want or need to. Click here to see how we can help you!

3) CBD parking without the price tag!

Imagine spending upwards of half an hour, cruising around for a free spot and finding it. You go up to the machine, only to go faint at the number it gives you.

Let’s not beat around the bush: CBD parking can be pricey.

At Le Garage, we’re all about giving you the best deal on CBD parking. Our nightly rates apply from 4pm to 5:30am the following day.


Staying late? Choose Le Garage for overnight CBD parking

Our Flinders Street parking garage is located in the “Paris-end” of Melbourne’s CBD, filled with high-end hotels, world-class shopping, and Melbourne’s most famous theatres.

We’re also the part of the CBD that’s closest to Melbourne’s sport and entertainment precinct, making Le Garage a great choice for sporting events or concerts at Rod Laver, Margaret Court Arena, and of course, the MCG!

As such, Le Garage is the place to go for affordable CBD parking – that goes for people staying in the city overnight too. Click here to book your discount parking!