Whether it’s an overdue catch up for lunch with a friend, a concert, or a weekend event, there are plenty of reasons you might find yourself spending a day in the city.

And with the weather starting to pick up again, there’s never been a better excuse to make a whole day out of it!

Headed to the city for the day? Our car park in Melbourne can help you enjoy your trip to the CBD, whether you’re in town for a shopping trip, family event or catching a gig!

Explore Le Garage’s parking rates here, and take advantage of our discount rates when you pre-book online! Click here to book now.

We’re conveniently located

How great would it be to find a parking spot in Melbourne’s CBD that’s within walking distance of:

At Le Garage, we’re fortunate enough to have scored ourselves a very attractive piece of real estate on Flinders Street.

Located in the “Paris end” of Melbourne, Le Garage is perfectly placed to help you enjoy any event in the southern half of the CBD!

If your trip to the city involves visiting multiple venues or bouncing between places, our parking garage is the place to leave your car.

Our fantastic location makes getting to all the CBD’s attractions easy, and gives you the freedom to wander all the sights and sounds at your leisure.

Competitive parking rates

Focus on enjoying your day out, and not worrying about costly parking fees!

Our car park in Melbourne offers some of the most competitive parking prices in all of Melbourne – especially if you’re coming in on a weekend.

Our weekend parking rates start from as low as $10 for the entire weekend – you’ll be able to stay until 5:30am the following morning for a single, fixed flat rate.

And that means there’s no need to interrupt your day by rushing back and topping up the meter or extending your parking.

car park in Melbourne

Safe and secure parking

Your car is important – it’s one of the most valuable assets you own!

As such, you’ll want to do your utmost to keep it safe.

Don’t worry – your car is safe with us – our car park in Melbourne is secured by 24/7 CCTV coverage.

We don’t just take physical security seriously – we make it our mission to keep your personal details safe as well! Our online booking portal uses SSL encryption and strong firewalls to ensure that your private details stay private!

Online booking system

Eager to get straight to the action? You can do just that when you park with Le Garage – our online booking system allows you to save time when you visit the city.

It’s simple. Head over to our online booking portal to:

  1. Select your date and approximate time of arrival and departure
  2. Enter your details (including your number plate)
  3. Process your payment securely

And that’s it! Once these 3 steps are done, we’ll send you an email with a unique PIN. Simply enter this PIN at the boom gate when you arrive.

No physical tickets. No need to fish around for coins in the bottom of your bag.

Since you’ve already processed your payment, you’ll be able to skip the queue at the payment machine altogether, and have more time to spend seeing the sights and sounds.

What’s more, when you book online, you’ll get to take advantage of our discount parking rates!

Great extras at Le Garage!

Beyond regular weekday, evening, and weekend parking, Le Garage also offers a ton of extras, all designed to improve your trip to the city.

Long term parking

Drive to the city regularly? Thinking about long term parking? Le Garage can tailor a long term parking solution that suits your needs – find out more here.

EV chargers

This isn’t the only extra we offer – our car park in Melbourne also offers EV chargers for those who’ve made the leap to electric cars.

Additional facilities

Whether you cycle to and from work or hit the gym either side of the workday, you can take advantage of our on-site showers, lockers and bike storage. 

Explore the CBD with our car park in Melbourne

Choose Le Garage for safe and convenient city parking today!

Your day trip to the city just got easier thanks to Le Garage’s simple booking system.

Le Garage offers affordable and safe parking in the heart of the CBD.

At our car park in Melbourne, you’ll enjoy affordable and competitive parking rates and a short walk to all the city’s sights and sounds.

Le Garage fits exactly what you need by providing various parking options when you pre-book online:

Weekend parking

  • Enjoy flat rates on Saturday and Sunday
  • Pre-book parking and pay only $10 (regular rate $15) 
  • Stay all day: simply exit before 5:30 am the next day

Early Bird parking

  • Pay only $18 when you pre-book
  • Enter between 7am and 10am and exit between 3pm and midnight, or
  • Enter between 5:30am and 7am and exit before midnight

Night parking

  • Enjoy a flat rate of $8 Monday-Thursday nights when you enter after 4pm and exit before 5:30am the next day when you pre-book a parking space online
  • Have a hassle day parking on a Friday night and pay just $10 (instead of a standard rate of $15) when you enter after 4pm and exit before 5:30am the following day

Have an upcoming day trip to the city? Make sure you pre-book your parking with Le Garage! Book online now!