Who’s Australia’s highest-grossing musical artist?

Is it the classics like Jimmy Barnes, AC/DC, Olivia-Newton John or John Farnam?

Or is it a more modern act, like Sia or Vance Joy?

While each has made a big splash in the world of music, you might be surprised to hear that nestled between each of these big names is one you mightn’t be expecting: the Wiggles!

Wait, really?

Yep, really!

Just think about it: any child who grew up during the 1990s and onwards likely grew up dancing and singing along to the Wiggles. That’s 30 years straight of child-friendly musical hits.

In fact, many of the younger parents you’ll find at a Wiggles concert probably grew up listening to them too!

And we haven’t even gotten started on their TV shows and feature-length movie, or all the merchandise, accessories, costumes, and toys!

Thanks to their catchy tunes, fun characters and great messages, it’s not hard to see why they’re one of Australia’s (and perhaps the world’s) most successful kids’ acts.


Different faces, same wholesome and catchy sound!

The Wiggles have been around for close to 30 years. As such, three of the original four (Murray, Greg and Jeff – Red, Yellow and Purple respectively) have hung up their skivvies and passed them to fresher faces.

Luckily, their bubbly singing, bright colours, and quirky music haven’t changed!


The Wiggle Pop! BIG Show

  • When: Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd December
  • Where: Rod Laver Arena
  • Time: Saturday: 10am, 1pm, 5pm | Sunday: 10am, 1pm

This new show has seen The Wiggles travel every corner of the country.

We don’t just mean the capitals either – this tour will also see Anthony, Lachlan, Simon and Emma arrive in Wollongong, Launceston and Newcastle too!

And Melbourne is smack-bang in the middle, with five shows spread over two action-packed days!

You can expect a mix of your favourite Wiggles classics such as Hot Potato, Rock-a-Bye Your Bear and Big Red Car for the parents, as well as newer toe-tappers from their latest Wiggle Pop! album.

Just like any other Wiggles concert, you can expect a fun, lively and child-friendly show, including:

  • Lots of dancing and audience participation
  • Appearances from iconic characters Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword
  • Whole-stadium sing-alongs

And being so close to Christmas, you can also expect a special visit from a certain jolly man in red!

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