While the footy season maybe over, sports fans might feel like there’s a bit of a hole in their hearts that needs filling.

Luckily, there’s no need to worry – we are the events capital of Australia, after all. As such, there are plenty of events going on to keep sports fans entertained.

Case in point: what’s going on in the world of cricket this November!

This month is a bit of a big one for cricket fans, with Australia and India – two of cricket’s heavyweights – coming head-to-head at the MCG this month.


Melbourne GiIlette T20 International – Australia vs India

  • When: Friday 23 November
  • Where: The MCG
  • Time: 5pm (gates open); 6:50pm (game)

With over a billion passionate cricket fans, there’s no country more cricket-mad than India.

Hot off the heels of a dominant T20 win against the West Indies, the Indians are entering their Australian tour with the wind in their sails.

And they may get the win too – the Australian T20 team hasn’t exactly had a great run, losing 2-1 to the Proteas in the most recent series. This marks the 11th loss out of the 13 that have been played so far this year.

Held all over the country, the Gillette T20 International is a best-of-three series of matches, with the second taking place in Melbourne’s very own MCG.

This match will see all your BBL (Big Bash League) favourites take on the best that the Indian subcontinent has to offer.

With an anticipated attendance of 70,000 people, this match is sure to be a nail-biter!


What makes T20 cricket different?

Cricket has a long history in Australia.

That’s not the only thing that’s long, however – so are the tests, with some running for as long as five days (or even more).

Even the most dedicated cricket fan may not be able to attend each day of these types of series!

Thus, T20 (Twenty20) was created.

Most T20 matches only last for a day, and in many cases even less. In fact, if everything goes according to plan, a T20 game can be over in around 3 hours.

While duration is the biggest difference, it isn’t the only one.

There are plenty of other tweaks that have been made to adjust for the shorter time:

  • Fewer innings – only two, in this case
  • No possibility of a draw (running out the clock before play stops, in non-cricket terms)
  • Only 20 overs per innings
  • Teams can win on runs alone

Arguably the biggest difference however is the pace. Test matches go for days – as such, players need to pace themselves.

Since T20 is much shorter however, players go all-out. Batsmen hit harder, and boundaries are more frequent, all of which makes for a fast and thrilling game!

With that in mind, it’s no surprise that the format quickly took off, with the first Australian tournament played in 2005 – just two years after the format was recognised by the ICC!

Cricket batsman hitting a ball shot from below with stumps on cricket pitch

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