Responsible Gaming

General Info

The main purpose of gambling is that players can have fun and relax. However, some players cannot control themselves during the game process. Before gambling, every player must understand that they should not consider it a direct income source. Moreover, players should not use entertainment casinos to pay off their debts. It is quite useful to track how much money you allocate to gambling and how much time you spend playing daily. If you think you have started investing more money in entertainment casinos than you can afford, we advise you to take certain precautions. Players who feel gambling has begun affecting their daily lives should also take that advice. Several measures will help you limit your gaming activities and choose a self-control mode. We recommend you seek support from trusted independent bodies.

Personal Limits

The Personal Limits feature helps you gamble responsibly. With it, you can set limits on the amount you deposit to your account, lose, bet, spend in one game, or on the activity of your account. You can contact our customer support to assist you with one of these options. Gamblers have the opportunity to change the limits they have set at any time. Reducing the limit will take effect immediately, but you can increase them only after you confirm it by email. The limit increase will be possible only after the expiration date of the previous one of the same type. That is necessary so that players can avoid rash decisions. For asking questions or learning more about setting personal limits, contact our customer support team at [email protected].

Deposit Limit. That is the limit you set on your deposits per day, week, or month.

Loss Limit. You set that limit on the number of your losses per day, week, or month. Please note that the loss is related to the initial deposits and not the winnings associated with the amount you deposited. For example, gamblers deposit €50, they can set their Loss Limit to €10. They can win €1,000 and still lose more than €10 from their balance. All because that has to do with the initial deposit and not with winnings.

Wager Limit. You can limit the amount of your wagers that you can make per day, week, or month.

Cooling-Off Limit. Gamblers can set a Cooling-Off Period for a certain time. Once you have activated that limit, you will not be able to make deposits on the casino website and will not be able to use promotional offers. However, you can still withdraw the remaining funds during that period. When a player activates that limit, it immediately takes effect. After that period, the casino site will automatically re-activate your account.

Self-Exclusion Limit. Players can set the limit for a certain period. After activating the Self-Exclusion Limit, the casino will disable your gaming account immediately. You will also be unable to use promotional offers for your set time. Players cannot deposit or withdraw their funds while the limit is active. The casino will automatically re-activate your game account when the Self-Exclusion Limit activity expires.

Session Limit. That limit will allow you to restrict the time you spend gambling. You can set the limit from 6 to 1000000 minutes. If a player exceeds their set limit, they will automatically log out of their account. It takes effect immediately after you agree to its activation.

Self-Exclusion at The Player's Request

The player can decide to stop playing on our casino site for a definite or indefinite period. To do that, they need to contact our customer support team at [email protected] and report their decision. Our team will immediately take all necessary measures and block your access to your game account. We will also ensure you do not receive promotional alerts.

Gambling players who have self-excluded from the site's casino cannot log into their gaming account and withdraw any remaining funds. If you want to withdraw the balance of your funds in your casino account, you can contact our customer support at [email protected]. We will give you the necessary assistance and information about the withdrawal of funds. Please note that if you have excluded yourself from our casino for a certain period, we will pay you the remaining funds on your account. We will do it following the limits of the casino and only after the expiration of the self-exclusion period.

External Help

If you want advice or need support, you can contact the following organizations:

  • GamCare:
  • Anonymous players:
  • Gaming therapy:

Protection of Underage Users

Our casino only accepts gamblers who are over 18 years old. It uses all available methods to stop minors from registering and playing on our site. The gambling hub reserves the right to request proof of identity, and if the user is a minor, we will immediately restrict access to our site.

We understand that due to the wide availability of the Internet, they still have the opportunity to register on online casino websites and play. Therefore, we strongly encourage parents to take part in protecting their children from free gambling sites. There is special software that will give you the necessary help with that. We recommend you visit the following sites for more information:

  • GamBlock®:
  • Net Nanny:
  • CyberPatrol:
  • Solid Oak Software: