Another month, another exciting collection of shows at the Forum Theatre.

The Forum Theatre has a reputation for hosting some amazing performances and music. And this February is no exception, with a whole host of exciting local and international artists making their way down to the Forum.

While there are too many to list (at least, without making this post cover the entire site), here are a couple of the more exciting ones!

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Dizzee Rascal at the Forum

  • Tuesday, 20th February 2018
  • 8pm

Are you a fan of grime?

Not the grime you find under your sink, of course! Rather, we’re talking about grime music. For those not in the know, grime takes elements and sounds from hip hop and garage. Then, it throws them into a blender to create an entirely new genre that’s not quite either.

Once a niche, underground genre, grime is starting to find fans all over the world… including Melbourne, of course!

Melbourne fans are in for a treat later this month, with English grime artist Dizzee Rascal coming to the city for one show only!

From humble beginnings, Dylan Kwabena Mills (soon to be known as Dizzee Rascal) has gone on to pioneer the grime sub-genre. Self-producing his debut single “I Luv U” at the age of just 16, Dizzee has become known for his aggressive style and electronic-infused sound.

Dizzee Rascal is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in the genre. Followers of grim would be do themselves a disservice to let this one slip away! Tickets are still available, but you better move fast!


Finish off February with The Libertines

  • Wednesday, 28th February 2018
  • 7pm

Finish off your February with a throwback to the early 2000s.

The Libertines are arguably just as well-known for the drama surrounding them as well as their music. The band embodied all the stereotypes of the rockstar lifestyle: friendships, successes, love, and drama – that last one seeing the band split for six years before getting back together.

All this drama has had a noticeable impact on their music. In the words of their own vocalist, The Libertines sound like “someone just put in the rubbish chute at the back of the estate, trying to work out what day it was.”

Despite being around for more than 20 years, this is the first opportunity Australian fans of The Libertines will have to watch the English rock band perform live on Aussie soil.

Tickets are sold out, but you can try your luck on Ticketmaster’s Resale program here.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who did snap up a ticket, it’s time to start thinking about the next step: how you’re going to get there!

Forum Theatre parking is a cinch with Le Garage

Located literally steps away, Le Garage is the preferred choice for Forum Theatre parking. Why not make a night of it and stop by one of Flinders Lane’s best restaurants before you head to the Forum?

There are a lot of incredible artists making their way to Aussie shores this month, so don’t forget to book your Forum parking at Le Garage when you buy your tickets!

Evening parking (enter after 4pm and leave before 5:30am the next day) is just $8 from Monday-Thursday. Book online now!


Start March off right with The Rubens!

  • Thursday, 1st March 2018
  • 8pm

Rounding out the Forum’s schedule in this blog post is local band The Rubens.

Started by three brothers (NOT named Ruben, funnily enough) and two close friends, The Rubens have burst onto the scene in 2011, with their debut single Lay It Down being voted number 57 on the Triple J Hottest 100.

The group followed up with a number 10 spot for their second single the year after, before reaching the top spot in 2016 with their smash-hit, Hoops. Talk about a meteoric rise!

Since then, the 5-man ensemble has gone from strength to strength, recently announcing an ambitious world tour that will take them first to New Zealand, then around Australia before playing all over Europe and the US.

If you’re big into the alt-rock scene, this is a show that can’t be missed. Book your tickets now before they’re all gone!


Another exciting month at The Forum – need Forum parking? Choose Le Garage

Dizzee Rascal… The Libertines… The Rubens… we’ve barely scratched the surface of fantastic acts performing this February at The Forum.

We haven’t even gotten started on Phoenix, Ball Park Music, and Mogwai!

Whether you’re a fan of rap or indie rock, if you’re seeing anything at The Forum this month, you’ll need a place to park your car!

Parking might not be the highlight of your night. But it can be the easiest part!

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